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Simple Instructions for using Picsizer to reduce the size of Digital Photos.


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These instructions are for resizing one photo at a time in Picsizer.

Open Picsizer. Click "Load" - choose photo from your computer to resize - click "Open" - photo will now be in Picsizer.
Make sure "Constrain Proportions" is ticked. By clicking on the photo and moving the mouse the size of the photo can changed. It is suggested that the photo is no more than 640 in width and 480 tall.
Click "Save As" and give the photo a name in "File Name". MAKE SURE THAT "Save as Type" IS CHANGED TO "JPEG" Click "Save".
"JPG Compression" opens - move slider to 60 - click "OK".
New photo will be now be in the folder of the original photo.
By placing mouse over photo will give the file size of the photo. To alter the file size again click "Save As" and follow the procedure again - moving the compression slider to another setting. The smaller the file size will ensure that the photo loads quickly when viewed on the site.

To resize another photo - click "Unload" and choose another picture from "Load" and repeat as above.


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