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Photo Uploads

All photos used on Cyclesandbikes are uploaded via the advert form in the personal control panel accessed by the advertiser logging in using a username and password. All photos must be a standard "jpg" or "jpeg" file name.

The image size and file size of photos needed for publishing on the web are far smaller than the size used for printing photographs.

All photos shown on the site have a maximum size of 640 x 480 pixels. In a portrait mode the maximum height of the photo will be 480 pixels.

All photos submitted via the advert form are automatically reduced to a size suitable for publishing on the site. However if the files or photo size are too large you may experience problems uploading the photos. We therefore suggest that in order that the photos upload easily from the advert form and download quickly when viewing the advertisement, that photos submitted are no larger than 640 x 480 pixels and have a small file size - preferably no greater than 1.5 MB.

There are several ways that you can initially reduce the size file of any photos :
By setting your digital camera to a smaller image size (640 x 480) will reduce the file size of the photo.
If scanning photos choose a low dpi setting.

RESIZE PHOTOS USING WINDOWS XP. There is a very quick and easy way to reduce the size of any photo on your computer using Windows XP.
Click on the photo you wish to use in "My Pictures" or whatever folder your photo is in. In the left hand column choose "E-mail this file" from under "File and Folder Tasks" . In the dialogue box that opens choose "Make all my pictures smaller" - this will automatically reduce the photo to the desired size of 640 x 480 and reduce the file size. The photo should now be an attachment to an e-mail. Click on the photo attachment and save to disk. This is an ideal size to send as a photo for your advertisement.

A photo that you would send as an e-mail attachment and reduced to 640 x 480 should be ideal as a photo to be used in the advert.

There are commercial programmes available in order to manipulate digital photos such as Adobe Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro.


Free Photo Programmes

If you are using Windows XP there is a free photo power tool available from Microsoft. go to and install "Image Resizer" (only 548kb)
When installed - right click on any photo and choose "Resize Pictures" . Select the size 640 x 480 and a smaller photo will be saved in the same folder.


One of the most effective - and its free and easy to use is: Shrinkpic and can be downloaded from here This program very easily reduces the file size of photos. Very useful for reducing the size of photos for emailing. Easy to use - just drag the photo (thumbnail) into the program and a reduced sized photo will be produced. Save this and use to include in your advert.


Another - and its free and easy to use is: Picsizer Click for Details and can be downloaded from here This programme can easily reduce the file size of any digital photo and for simple details how to use the programme click here


Photo Plus 6 by Serif can be downloaded for free from This is a complete photo editing programme (19.4MB) but free!!!
To select a photo in the programme - File / New - from the wizard select "Open saved work" and browse for your photo. Once selected go to Image / Image Size - the size of the image can be reduced. By selecting File / Export Optimiser the size of the file can be reduced using the slider. This programme is also can also perform many other functions including cropping photos.

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