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The Internet is world wide and can be viewed by millions of people, this can result in offers from potential buyers from abroad. Some advertisers on the site have been approached by foreign "bogus buyers". Any offers for cycle equipment far in excess of the asking price are more than often bogus and should be ignored and not replied to.

These e-mails can be relatively easy to spot as they are often grammatically incorrect, mention "reputable shippers" and "certified cashier cheques". Often foreign buyers send cheques for far in excess of the asking price of the Caravan - the cheques appear to be drawn on UK Banks but can prove to be invalid. These cheques may appear initially to be cleared by a bank - but later the bank declares the cheque or draft to be invalid (a forgery or stolen) and wants its money back.
These bogus buyers also request the balance of the money to be sent (often via Western Union) to arrange shipping. - DON'T SEND ANY MONEY IT IS A SCAM

If the scam is a Hotmail or Yahoo account you can report the scam by e-mailing and enclosing the offending mail to: or This can result in the offender's account being closed down and they'll find it hard to establish another one with the same provider. Many of the bogus offers are from yahoo accounts.

Remember that it is very easy to open an e-mail account with very little or no ID needed with no confirmation of address or name needed. Therefore great care should be taken when communicating with a potential buyer or seller solely via e-mail.

If a potential buyer appears to be dubious - it is best to use your common sense and not to reply to the e-mail and wait for a more creditable offer. By not replying to such e-mails it discourages any dubious buyers from using the site and also prevents the seller getting into lengthy unprofitable e-mail correspondence.

E-mail addresses of bogus offers that have been received by advertisers are shown at

Regarding payment, services offered by and (restricted to £500) are worth considering.

Telephone numbers and addresses can be cross referenced in the UK using (directory enquiries) and Also names and addresses in the UK can be compared using "people search" at
UK STD telephone codes and postcodes can be checked at and ukphoneinfo
The country and region of international numbers can be checked using

If you are expecting replies via e-mail, it is advisable that all computers that receive e-mails have an up to date anti-virus programme.

Beware if any prospective buyer sends another person on their behalf to purchase camera eqipment. Check that the cheque or bankers draft is genuine.

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