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Bogus Buyers e-mail addresses.

These e-mails can be relatively easy to spot as they are often grammatically incorrect, mention "reputable shippers" and "certified cashier cheques". Often foreign buyers send cheques for far in excess of the asking price of the item. They request the balance of the money to be sent to them to arrange a "reputable shipper" to collect the caravan equipment. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY IT IS A SCAM

These cheques appear to be drawn on UK Banks but can prove to be invalid. These dubious buyers are hoping that the seller will send the excess balance and part with the item before the cheque has been cleared. Also these cheques may appear initially to be cleared by a bank - but later the bank declares the cheque or draft to be invalid (a forgery or stolen) and wants its money back.

Bogus Buyers e-mail addresses :

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We also publish the email addresses of possible fraudulent advertisers at : Bogus Adverts

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